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Wedding and event in Cappadocia. Organization of a wedding in Cappadocia & Pamukkale

Wedding organization and wedding painting in Cappadocia. Booking artists and musicians for a corporate event in Cappadocia. The best hotels and wedding agencies in Cappadocia

The Territory of Turkey has two unique landscapes that create an unforgettable experience for your event or wedding photoshoot. These are the fabulous rock towns of Cappadocia. and snow-white thermal terraces of Pamukkale.
We will try to describe both locations in detail (including tips and ideas for organizing a wedding party, painting ceremony, private event, etc.). Also, if you are considering other cities in Turkey for your meeting, we have created articles such as:
- wedding and corporate party in Istanbul
- organization of events in Antalya, Alanya and Belek
- celebration and party in Bodrum and Marmaris
- the most original hotels in Turkey
- planning of weddings and corporate parties in Turkey

Organization of wedding ceremony and wedding party in Cappadocia. Best a hotel and event agency for a corporate party in Cappadocia. Booking musicians and shows in Cappadocia


Göreme National Park in Cappadocia can be attributed to the most unusual places on our planet, combining a unique landscape and landmark: volcanic rocks of an unusual shape, cave cities (more than 3000 years old), and churches from the time of the first Christians. In fact, Cappadocia is an extensive open-air museum that combines several settlements from the times of the Hittite and Persian kingdoms. Therefore, many newly couples want to organize their special moment in life (wedding ceremony) here, because Cappadocia is an ideal place for a marriage proposal, or wedding celebration.

All locations for a wedding photo session or a quest for guests of your event in Cappadocia can be splited into several main sets:
- Cone-shaped stone pillars and rocks are the hallmark of Turkey and all of Asia Minor. They are found almost throughout the entire territory of the "Göreme Park" (especially in the valleys of "Love" and "Devrent").
- Multi-level cave and underground settlements: "Gaziemir", "Kaymaklı", "Derinkuyu" and fortresses "Uchisar", "Ortahisar".
- Rock churches with frescoes of the Byzantine era (IX-XIII centuries) will look original at a wedding photoshoot. The best of them are: "Apple Church" (Elmalı Kilise), "Dark Church" (Karanlık Kilise), "The Church with Sandals" (Çarıklı Kilise), "Malta Crusader Church", "Snake Church" (Yılanlı Kilise) and others.
- Picturesque valleys: "Red" (due to the color of the rocks), "Pigeon" (due to the many caves and pigeon nests) or the "Ihlara" valley, which is famous for its 14-kilometer canyon with a depth of 150 meters (but the distance to this valley is 90 km).
- The pottery capital of Cappadocia in Avanos town and the underground museum of ceramics (Guray Museum).

Organization of events and corporate parties in Cappadocia. Booking best shows and music bands for a wedding in Cappadocia. The best hotels for a wedding in Cappadocia: prices, reviews

Depending on the scenario of the event and the complexity of the preparation, you may need the help of a wedding planner or an event agency. If you have never organized events abroad before, it is better to trust professionals.
A high-quality show program for your wedding/event is hardly possible only with local artists. In the vicinity of Cappadocia, there are musicians playing authentic instruments and traditional dance shows. But this is good only to complement and decorate the celebrate program with Turkish flavor. As for a full-fledged show program (high-quality live music during a welcome time or dance music from a professional cover band), it's better to order artists you have confidence in. For this reason, the best five-star hotels in Turkey invite non-local artists to work with them.
For example, with minimal costs for providing a transfer and a stage rider, you can order a full-fledged concert program that includes the show of singer in 3D dress, unique the laser harp show and 90 minutes performance of stylish musical band LAFESTA, as in all these projects involve one team of 3-4 people (charming soloist, DJ/sound engineer and flutist / saxophonist).

The best shows and musicians for a wedding in Cappadocia Fragments of performances of our shows at various event meetings, weddings and private paties.

Ideas and tips for a wedding in Cappadocia:

Organization of wedding ceremony and wedding party in Cappadocia. Best hotels and event agencies for a corporate party in Cappadocia. Booking musicians and shows in Cappadocia

1. The easiest way to get to Cappadocia from another country is through Istanbul Airport with a transfer to Kayseri (ASR) or Nevsehir (NEV), from which "Goreme National Park" is only 90 km and 50 km away. If you are planning a trip from one of the resorts in Turkey, then the bus trip from Antalya to Cappadocia will take 8-9 hours (535 km for $25) or 7-8 hours from Belek (510 km for $18).

2. To enjoy Cappadocia, it is best to stay in the Goreme village (Göreme). Since it is in the heart of the National Park, you can have all the sights within walking distance. You can enjoy stunning views of the landscape and stone pillars from the terraces of the Goreme rock hotels.

Organization of wedding ceremony and wedding party in Cappadocia. Best hotels and event agencies for a corporate party in Cappadocia. Booking musicians and shows in Cappadocia

3. In the period from the beginning of November to the end of April, the cost of accommodation in Cappadocia hotels will be 20-30% cheaper compared to the peak tourist season. Optimal months can be considered warm November and April, as at this time the temperature is comfortable for walking and for a wedding with a view of the sights. But you need to remember that in winter in Cappadocia there are quite cold periods with snow and winds, whiches the risk of not being able to comfortably celebrate the outdoor wedding or event meeting. creat

4. If you are planning your wedding or corporate event in Cappadocia for the winter, then you can diversify your leisure time by visiting the modern "Erciyes" ski resort, located on the Takir volcanic plateau near the picturesque Mount Erciyes (3916 m). The distance from Goreme Park to the ski resort is 85 km.

Organization of events and corporate parties in Cappadocia. Best shows and musicians for a wedding in Cappadocia. The best hotels for a wedding in Cappadocia: prices, reviews

5. Thinking through the style of a wedding in Cappadocia, you can choose and use 1 of 3 main ways: 1) authentic local style both in clothes and in the decor of your event (a lot of carpets, wedding suits with traditional embroidery, etc.) ; 2) classic wedding style; 3) ultra-bright colors and futuristic design that will create a contrast with the ancient landscape. Your chosen style can be followed in wedding invitations, banquet menus, location decor and dress code for guests.

6. Try to inform all guests about the upcoming event in Turkey in advance (preferably half a year). For coordination and timely reporting of the necessary information (about transfer, accommodation, celebration program), add all guests to a special chat in one of the messengers.

Show of charming singer in 3D dress Order a projection & mapping show in the style of your Cappadocia`s event/wedding.

7. If you have trusted Turkish wedding agencies (or some who have already worked in Cappadocia), organize the rental of equipment (light, sound, decor) with their help. If the level of your meeting is higher than decorating with balloons and music from laptop speakers, then it is difficult to do wedding without local contractors. Ask the wedding planner to draw up the contract with an estimate of the rental equipment (including delivery, technicians and other expenses) so that you can see the final cost.

8. If more than 100 guests are invited to your wedding/corporate party in Cappadocia, then it is unlikely that you will be able to accommodate them in one hotel. Most local hotels can accommodate only 20-50 people. But if the event is for less than 50 guests, then accommodating everyone in one hotel will simplify the gathering and coordination during the event.

Wedding organization and wedding ceremony in Cappadocia. Booking artist and music band for a meeting event in Cappadocia. The best hotels and wedding agencies in Cappadocia

9. For a big event and indoor wedding, you can use the hall of the "Crowne Plaza Cappadocia" hotel in Nevsehir city (20 km from "Goreme National Park"). Although this hotel does not have an authentic Cappadocian style, but the large hall (1650 m2) can accommodate any format of conference, banquet and gala dinner.

10. When organizing an activity or quest in the Cappadocia National Park, you make sure that each team is accompanied by a guide who knows the area. The territory of the park is very vast with many caves and tunnels, there is a risk that some of the guests may get lost.

Organization of wedding ceremony and wedding party in Cappadocia. Best hotels and event agencies for a corporate party in Cappadocia. Booking musicians and shows in Cappadocia

11. There are not many places in Turkey where guests of your wedding/party can buy a unique non-Chinese souvenir. Cappadocia is one of them. Avanos town can considered the capital of ceramics, which has many workshops of handicrafts and amazing pottery. At the end of summer, the "Avanos Tourism and Handicraft Festival" is held here. Also, in this city is the world's only underground museum of ceramics (Guray Museum).
There are authentic carpet shops in the vicinity of Göreme ("Galerie İkman" is the most memorable of them). Some shops have weaving workshops where you can watch carpet weaving work.

12. Any planning and organization of a wedding at a distance cannot foresee all the difficulties and nuances that may arise at the location. Therefore, it is best that you or your trusted person fly to Cappadocia a few days before the wedding event and make sure that all preparations are going accordingly.

Booking the original shows and artists for a wedding party in Cappadocia. The best shows and artists for corporate parties and celebrations in Cappadocia.

Hot air balloon wedding

The main highlight of Cappadocia is the opportunity to take off into the sky and fly over the picturesque landscapes in a hot air balloon. A particularly breathtaking sight in July during the Balloon Fest Cappadocia, when the sky is filled with two hundred balloons. This image with many balloons over the stone pillars of Cappadocia is one of the world's top 10 popular travel and Instagram photos.

The balloon can be rented for two people (for example, to make a marriage proposal), and for a small event or a wedding ceremony in the sky for 32 people (this is the maximum number of people that can fit in a large air balloon basket). The cost of an hour-long flight varies from $140 to $250 (per person) and depends on the level of comfort, the organizing company and the date. If we are talking about renting a balloon only for young marrieds, then the price will be from $1500.
You can rent a air balloon directly on the website of one of the companies ( and, at a travel agency or any hotel in Cappadocia.

Wedding organization and wedding ceremony in Cappadocia. Booking artist and music band for a meeting event in Cappadocia. The best hotels and wedding agencies in Cappadocia

Hot air balloon flights are held all year round, but they may be canceled due to bad weather (strong wind, fog, thunderstorm). Therefore, have a few spare days when planning the wedding or event meeting in Cappadocia. Also, if you want to choose the balloon you like, book the flight in advance (preferably a few months before the date of the event).

The air balloon basket is divided into zones so that people are evenly located in it for a safe flight. Therefore, the free migration of guests inside the basket is not possible. The hot air balloon can fly out to 1 kilometer, but in practice, all flights are carried out no higher than 500 meters, because all the most beautiful angles are visible when lifting 20-300 meters from the ground.

As a rule, the flight is carried out before sunrise in order to have time to meet sun in the air. And this means that in the summer you will have to wake up at 3 am and at 4 am be present at the gathering place for a pre-flight briefing. If you have rented a hot air balloon exclusively for your event, then it is also possible to start in the afternoon. But to make a photoshoot during sunrise or sunset is still much more preferable. With proper organization, the hot air balloon wedding/event in Cappadocia can be the most romantic memory of your life.

LAFESTA music band Performances of LAFESTA band at wedding parties, corporate meetings, gala events. Watch this video on Vimeo

The best Cappadocia hotels for a wedding

There are hundreds of fabulous hotels in Cappadocia and some of them have "Best Boutique Hotel in Turkey", "Best Luxury Hotel in Europe", "Best Historical Hotel in Turkey" awards. We have selected 9 of the best hotels that perfectly convey the atmosphere of rock settlements with comfortable cave-style rooms, authentic furniture, and view terraces. These are ideal locations for celebrating a wedding or corporate party.
Hotels are listed in ascending order of price:

"Local Cave House" is a hotel carved right into the rock in the center of Goreme and is surrounded by picturesque stone pillars. The hotel has the outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views.

"Traveller's Cave Hotel" sits on the top of the flat mountain that is used as a huge outdoor hotel terrace overlooking Goreme. The rooms are carved into the rock.

"Kelebek Special Cave Hotel" is the cave hotel in Goreme village with a traditional Turkish bath and the outdoor pool. The best rooms have fireplaces and balconies with picturesque views of Uchisar Castle.

Organization of a wedding ceremony and a wedding party in a Cappadocia hotel. The best hotels and event agencies for corporate events in Cappadocia. Booking artists in Cappadocia

"Taskonaklar Hotel" has several cascading terraces overlooking the "Pigeons Valley" and can be used for organizing a wedding ceremony, a cocktaile party and other events. Suites with view terraces are furnished with antique furniture and handmade décor.

"Yunak Evleri" is a unique hotel in a 19th century mansion and 5th century caves, reminiscent of a cozy rocky settlement. On its territory there is the library and the outdoor pool, which overlooks Ugryup village. If you decide to rent this hotel for a wedding, then the celebration will take place in the atmosphere of your own ancient settlement in the rocks of Cappadocia.

"The Sacred House" received the "Best Boutique Hotel Restoration and Design Award" and is housed in a 250 year old Greek mansion. The interior design combines the rocky fragments of Cappadocia, the style of the castle and the luxurious of European villa.

Organization of events and corporate parties in Cappadocia. Best shows and musicians for a wedding in Cappadocia. The best hotels for a wedding in Cappadocia: prices, reviews

"Argos Hotel" is located on the territory of the ancient rock monastery in the center of Uchisar village. The hotel has one of the most picturesque terraces overlooking "Pigeon Valley" and offers a wide selection of wines from its own winery.

"Museum Hotel Cappadocia" is the only hotel in Turkey that has become a member of the prestigious international hotel association "Relais & Chateaux". The superb cave rooms are decorated with antique furniture and authentic items, making you feel like you are living in a real museum. The panoramic terrace has a year-round heated outdoor pool, and the hotel's garden grows fruits for guests table.

"Gamirasu Cave Cappadocia" luxury cave hotel in Ayvali village. Almost all of the hotel's 20 rooms have chic furniture, original lighting and are completely located in the caves of the Byzantine monks. This is the specialty of this hotel.

Organization of wedding and wedding painting in Pamukkale. Booking artists and musicians for a corporate party in Pamukkale. Best hotel restaurants in Pamukkale

Wedding in Pamukkale and Hierapolis

В мире есть всего несколько мест, которые своим белоснежным оттенком могут дополнить платье невесты. Это футуристический город «Науки и искусства» в Валенсии, архитектура греческого острова Санторини и, находящийся на юго-западе Турции, Памуккале (Pamukkale).
Этот древний термальный курорт стал объектом Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО благодаря своему удивительному ландшафту, состоящему из каскада террасных ванн белого цвета. Издали двухсотметровый холм напоминает гигантский белоснежный айсберг или гору хлопка, из-за чего и получил свое название «хлопковая крепость» (по-турецки: «Памуккале»).
Такой оттенок достигается за счет постоянно стекающих кальциевых термальных источников, которые формируют удивительные белые сталактиты. Температура воды круглый год около +35 С.

Если вы планируете организацию свадьбы в Памуккале, то проще всего добираться из курортных городов Эгейского побережья (от Мармариса 205 км, что равно 4 часам езды на автобусе или 2,5 часа автомобилем). Если вы летите в Турцию с другой страны, то ближайший международный аэропорт находится в Измире (220 км до Памуккале). Также, из Стамбула, Измира и Анталии можно сделать пересадку на внутренние авиарейсы до города Денизли (60 км от Памуккале).

Свадебную фотосессию лучше всего делать в первые 30 минут после открытия (с 6:30 утра) или перед закрытием (до 19:00) так как эта достопримечательность притягивает толпы туристов, которые сужают выбор подходящих ракурсов.
По белым травертинам разрешено ходить только босиком (чтобы не разрушать хрупкую породу), поэтому лучшим периодом для посещения Памуккале являются теплые месяцы с марта по октябрь. Но стоит учесть, что в жаркие летние месяцы травертины могут сильно нагреваться и ходить по ним босиком становится не очень комфортно.

Организация свадебной церемонии и свадебной вечеринки в отеле Памуккале. Лучшие отели и ивент агентства для корпоратива в Памуккале. Заказать артистов в Памуккале

Прямо к Памуккале примыкает древний город Иераполис (Hierapolis), который был построен во II в. до н. э. правителями Пергамского царства. Во времена Римской империи город стал термальным курортом и включал в себя множество бань, храмов и других памятников. До наших дней отлично сохранился амфитеатр, вмещающий 15000 зрителей (еще одна прекрасная локация для свадебной фотосессии и гостей ивента).

В 7 веке Иераполис серьезно пострадал от землетрясения. Но это событие послужило созданию новой достопримечательности. На месте римских терм земля опустилась на несколько метров и эта ниша заполнилась водой термальных источников. Сейчас это уникальный бассейн под открытым небом, на дне которого лежат древние колоны и фрагменты античного храма. Со временем этот необычный водоем оброс легендами, одна из которых утверждает, что здесь купалась египетская царица Клеопатра, в честь которой он и получил название «бассейн Клеопатры».
Благодаря теплым подземным источникам температура в бассейне не опускается ниже +35 С, поэтому вход для купания открыт круглый год с 08:00 до 19:00 (с апреля по октябрь) или до 17:30 (в период ноябрь-март). Но, зачастую, в нем очень много туристов, из-за чего красивая свадебная фотосессия практически нереальна.

Памуккале и древний Иераполис относятся к единому «Археологическому комплексу Иераполиса», доступ на территорию которого осуществляется по общему билету (стоимость около 10$). Собранные в одном месте такие разнообразные достопримечательности достойны того, чтобы разнообразить свои свадебные впечатления или организовать однодневную поездку в Памуккале для гостей вашего праздника / корпоратива.

Организация ивента и корпоратива в Каппадокии. Заказать шоу и музыкантов на свадьбу в Каппадокии. Лучшие отели для свадьбы Каппадокии: цены, отзывы

Лучшие отели Памуккале для свадьбы

Выбор комфортных отелей в окрестностях Памуккале слишком узок (в основном это или непримечательные 4* или частые апартаменты). Однако есть 7 вариантов, подходящих для свадебного путешествия, на которые стоит обратить внимание. Мы разместили их в порядке приближенности к главной достопримечательности.

«Sahin Hotel» – этот простой с виду отель находится не просто рядом, а вплотную к белоснежным террасам Памуккале. Отель не выглядит изысканным, но вид, открывающийся с балконов номеров и ресторана, заменяет все. Также, на территории отеля находится открытый бассейн.

«Hal-Tur Hotel» – этот мини-отель также расположен вплотную к Памуккале и имеет панорамный вид на травертиновые террасы.

Организация свадьбы и свадебной росписи в Памуккале. Заказать артистов и музыкантов на корпоратив в Памуккале. Лучшие отели рестораны в Памуккале

«Tripolis Hotel» – 4* отель, который находится посреди живописных известняковых террас и имеет термальный и крытый бассейны с видом на Памуккале.

«Venus Suite Hotel» имеет довольно комфортные номера, сад, террасу и открытый бассейн. Отель находится в 5 минутах ходьбы от Памуккале и древнего Иераполиса.

«Pamukkale Melrose Viewpoint Suites» уютный отель, расположенный в 10 минутах ходьбы от травертиновых террас. На его территории есть открытый бассейн и небольшой сад.

«Hierapark Thermal» комфортный 4* спа-отель с открытым термальным бассейном. Основной минус – это удаленность на 4 км от Памуккале.

«Doğa Thermal Health» – единственный в нашем списке отель 5* и, пожалуй, лучший вариант для большой свадьбы или корпоратива в Памуккале. Этот спа-отель находится на термальном курорте Карахайите и имеет открытый термальный бассейн с температурой воды +43 С, бассейн с холодной водой и большой крытый бассейн.

© Игорь Куксенко

Организация свадебной церемонии и свадебной вечеринки в отеле Каппадокии. Лучшие отели и ивент агентства для корпоратива в Каппадокии. Заказать артистов в Каппадокии