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Musicians, singers and cover bands for corporate parties, events and weddings

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Book a girl saxophonist. The best event saxophonists

The event market was filled with many girls who, not having learned to play the saxophone too well, made a studio promo for themselves (a recording edited at a recording studio) and substituted these tracks for live videos. Unfortunately, the discrepancy between the level of playing the saxophone and the promotional video can only become apparent during the performance at your event, when it is too late to change anything. Therefore, if you need not just a pretty girl who walks around the stage with a saxophone, but a charming and virtuoso musician girl, then you have come to the right place......

Book the best cover band for a wedding, corporate party and holiday in Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco

Book the best cover band (Zurich, Bern, Basel)

One of the most professional music bands in Switzerland (LAFESTA) can perform as the main line-up (3-4 people) and be accompanied by their own orchestra, which is a rarity for cover bands. Also, LAFESTA created its own unique laser harp and 3D dress shows, which allows you to create a full-fledged concert program for corporate parties, anniversaries, and weddings without increasing the cost of a rider......

The best modern opera singer. Book a famous opera diva for a event meeting and a wedding.

Book the opera singer for event & wedding (Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy)

There is a whole range of events where the opera singer's performance will adorn the event's program and emphasize its status. For example corporate parties in historic villas, gala dinners at opera houses, exquisite wedding murals and business receptions......