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Article about LAFESTA music project was published in October issue of «Glitz» magazine (2014).

Article & interview in Glitz magazine about LAFESTA music project, information about live music for event, party, wedding

Our country has a unique project, which presents Ukraine on international music festivals, concert program embraces 18 countries, and music is used as soundtracks to the best TV shows. It is LAFESTA music project. Read an exclusive interview for «Glitz» magazine about life, work and talent of one of the most stylish projects.

As far as we know you are the only group in Eastern Europe, which performs in Electro & Lounge Opera style. Can you say in detail what kind of style is it?

Three years ago we decided to have our own unique style, which would distinguish our project between others. It is not a goal in itself. Moreover, our soloist (Olga Rossi) has an excellent opera voice (graduated from Kyiv conservatory); and we started experiments with different music styles in our studio. In a few words, Electro & Lounge Opera is a combination of opera vocal and stylish, modern music, such as lounge, house, funk. As a result we obtain an original charming sounding.

And have you started as a cover band?

Currently we are performing with the program of author’s remixes for popular songs at great number of our concerts, especially if it goes about events, corporate parties, night clubs. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of famous singers have started with cover-versions for other singers’ songs and many of them sing not their own songs at their own concerts. We have a dance and more delicate, cocktail program of remixes for world hits. The only thing we do not like – is when we are announced from the stage as a cover-group, as this notion implies not having songs of their own, but rehashing other singers’ songs. Whereas we have clips, made abroad, and music album with symphonic orchestra and unique style Electro & Lounge Opera – it is an author’s product.

Where did the presentation of new album «Coral Reef» take place and where can one buy it?

The most part of songs, included in album «Coral Reef», we presented last year at our large solo concert «Electro Opera» accompanied by symphony orchestra, modern ballet and video projection. The concert took place in Kyiv on the European square (concert hall of «Ukrainian house»). At present time our album is being sold in 94 international resources (including such popular resources, like iTunes, Amazon). We do not support the idea, when music album consists of 2-3 good songs and the rest one are for quantity. Therefore, we are proud of it.

Do you have such a notion as «working day»? If so, when does it start and end?

We do not have such a notion as «working day», we have a notion «we have to». There are days, when we have to wake up at 5.00 a.m. in order to prepare for morning photo session, after that we have record of a new song in the studio, a concert late at night, and at 4 a.m. next day we have to wake up again, as at 6.20 a.m. we have a flight and road tour. There can be a notion working month – it means that whole December passes in similar pace. But, of course, working for yourself has a main advantage – if you do not want to take a concert, as you are planning a vacation, you can afford this.

Is it true, that your soloist (Olga Rossi) once has sung with the soloist of legendary «Bonny M» (Sheyla Bonnick)?

Olga has won different international and all-Ukrainian contests several times. Sheyla Bonnick was a member of jury at one of such music contests, which took place in Kielce, Poland. And she liked Olga’s performance so much, that she chose her to sing a song in a duet at the final contest gala-concert.

Your soloist has an unusual last name – Rossi. Does she come from Italy?

No, it is a pseudonym. Olga has got a contract with Italian concert agency, according to which Italian last name should be stated on the event posters. After several concert tours it would be inconsequent to change a pseudonym and make up something new.

What was the most challenging step for your music project?

One moment, which could be called challenging, comes to my mind. Olga, being 8 months pregnant, climbed escape ladder to the stage, which was located on the roof of «Premier Palac» hotel. Katya Osadchaya was a show presenter of that evening, and together with Olga she had to take off her shoes and climb this ladder barefoot. In fact, that period before childbirth was very energetic. Olga performed her last concert 3 days before labour at event, devoted to London Olympic Games. And in six days after the childbirth she had new concerts. If talking about group in general, there always is a risk, when you have to start from nothing, rather than go for a stable working place with a fixed salary. At the time of LAFESTA project creation we have had a good job. Olga, for example, performed on a tour in Italy, Poland, and Germany with classic and pop programs. Therefore, all of us ought to set aside our personal projects and trust our insight and each other in order to work as a team.