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In May, 2013, “Cosmopolitan” issued an interview with LAFESTA music project soloist Olga Rossi.

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You have a beautiful and sounding surname – Rossi. Is it a pseudonym?
Yes, it is. I had a contract with Italian concert agency, according to its terms the Italian surname should be stated on the showbills. After several road tours it was illogic to change the pseudonym.

What your passion to music started with?
When I was a kid my mother and I often sang folk songs. By the age of 4 I had already known near fifty songs. This was the very beginning (smiling).

How did LAFESTA group appear?
Music project LAFESTA was created in May, 2008. Our DJ and saxophonist performed in club format and invited me to their concert. In such a way we got acquainted and decided to create a common project. During this time we gave more than 750 concerts and made 3 videos abroad (in London, Barcelona and Valencia).

What kind of man do you like more – creative or rational?
I would prefer creative rationality. Man cannot be the same all the time. Even a rational man can become a creative, when it concerns something that he likes.

What inspires you and makes you happy?
I like going away from Kiev in picturesque places. On the South of Ukraine we have a piece of land on the rock with the river view, and I am happy when I am there with my closest. It is fairily beautiful there!

Do you fall in love often?
I often had fallen in love before I met my husband. It is important to realize that a man you’ve met is your other half. I really appreciate and keep safe my family.