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Lafesta music group, band at events, corporate parties, weddings, parties. Live music & artists for event, wedding, party

Video of LAFESTA music project performances at different events, corporate parties, weddings, parties are introduced in this section. You can find out more details about different music programs in the section “Concert Programs”. Detailed description of each music program is provided in the following section: 1) Electro & Lounge Opera; 2) Cocktail music; 3) Dance & club music; 4) Stylish Ukrainian folk. LAFESTA performed for such known brands, as Apple, L'oreal, UEFA, Google, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Armani, Pioneer, Visa, Sony, Canon, Chanel, Siemens, Infiniti, Bentley, Jaguar, Bosh, Shell, BMW, Audi, Pierre Cardin, Bacardi etc.

Cocktail & jazz-lounge music program (Short 5 promo-videos from concerts at event, party, wedding). Vimeo:

Promo-video: Electro & Lounge Opera (Fragments of LAFESTA group opera performances at the events, presentations, and TV shows. Since 2011 LAFESTA has been performing at the events and corporate parties with its opera program consisting of three members: woman vocal (lyric soprano), DJ/percussion, electro saxophone. Reserve opera vocalist for a event, corporate party and wedding). Vimeo:

Lounge & deep-house cover remix (Concert LAFESTA music project in «L'Opera» restaurant (poolstage). Deep-house, jazz-lounge and pop-house remix of popular song. Vimeo:

Big concert «Electro & Lounge Opera» (LAFESTA solo concert with symphonic orchestra in a format: contemporary opera, modern opera, and classical crossover. In October 2013 LAFESTA presented its unique authors program - Electro&Lounge opera, accompanied by its own symphony orchestra, modern ballet and large video-projection. It harmonically combined charming Olga Rossi's opera voice & stylish music of LAFESTA group). Vimeo:

Concert in golf club: dance, vocal-house, club music remixes of popular songs. Vimeo:

Authorial cocktail & jazz-lounge music program (video from concert with symphonic orchestra: lounge, deep-house, pop & funky house). Vimeo:

Promo video of dance & club music program: dance, vocal-house, club music remixes of popular songs.